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This process describes how you bill a customer for resources (for example, personnel or material) in resource-related billing. You can implement resource-related billing in Customer Service for various scenarios. For more information see Structure linkBilling Scenarios and Structure linkQuotation Creation Scenarios.



You maintained a Structure linkDynamic Item Processor profile (DIP profile).

Service order

Sales Document Item


If the system should display the planned costs (totals records) in the expenditure view according to material, and display quantities, select one of the following indicators when you create a material:

Process Flow

  1. Go to Customizing and use the DIP profile to stipulate which data is to be billed and how the system is to summarize this data for the billing request.
  2. Create a service order and enter, among others, the DIP profile.
  3. Confirm expenditures (such as work done or materials used) in the service order.
  1. Create a billing request.
  2. When you opt to create a billing request, the system works as follows:

There are two views you can use for processing:

  1. Save the view.
  1. Create a billing request in the expenditure view.
  1. A billing document is generated in SD.

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