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You can search for standard reports in individual applications, or across several applications. Application-specific standard reports are available in the info systems of individual HR components. In addition, standard HR reports are grouped together in comprehensive info systems in the SAP Easy Access menu.

All of the reports for a specific HR component are grouped together by content in that componentís info system. For example, Recruitment reports are arranged in groups according to whether they report on applicant, vacancy, or advertisement data.

To access the info system of individual HR components, choose the following:

Human Resources ® <component> ® Info system ® Reports

Human Resources ® Payroll ® <continent> ® <country> ® Info system

Human Resources ® Time Management ® <component> ® Info system

The HR Information System contains the reporting tools and all HR-specific reports. Its structure is determined by the components in HR. To make it easier for you to find individual reports, they are grouped together within the components according to their content. For example, the reports in Organizational Management are sorted according to the objects for which they report on data.

To access the HR Information System, choose the following:

Human Resources ® Information system ® Reports

By far the largest collection of standard reports is contained in the SAP info system. The standard HR reports can be accessed in one of two ways:

Info systems ® Human Resources ® Reports ® <component>

Info systems ® General report selection ® Human Resources ® <component>

In both cases, the reports are arranged according to the components in which they are used.


Depending on your role as user in the R/3 System, you might only be able to view specific sections of the SAP menu. Different roles, therefore, might require you to search for existing standard reports in different places.

And If The Required Report Does Not Exist?


If you want to develop a report yourself, you can use a similar standard SAP report as a programming template, which considerably reduces the amount of time and money involved.

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