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On the General Data screen you can make settings for the following points:

Posting Run

If you set this indicator, a closing entry for the cumulation run will be made.

Note that you can only make one closing entry per each final period for each plant.

Versions for Prices

If the activity update is activated in the actual quantity structure, and if these activity outputs are then revaluated in the multilevel material price determination using actual prices, you can define a CO version for each valuation (legal valuation, company valuation, profit center valuation and so on). This function allows you to compare how the different CO versions effect the cumulation run.

Valuation Price Calculation

You can choose one of the following two price calculation options:

Planned Prices

In this case, the planned prices for the selected version will be used to calculate the prices.

Actual Prices

In this case, the process step Determine Prices will appear in the Cumulation Cockpit.

Valuation Alternatives

You create valuation alternatives for defined valuation procedures (for example LIFO or FIFO Valuation), in Customizing under Balance Sheet Valuation. The data stored under these alternatives can then be used in the cumulation run.




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