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A separate database area of the component Special Ledger (FI-SL) in which posting data of Funds Management (FM) is updated to availability control objects (control objects) in relation to account assignments.


Availability control carries out an update and summarization of all Funds Management postings to be checked in an availability control ledger . SAP provides predefined database areas for this in FI-SL and supports ledger 9H for payment budget and ledger 9I for commitment budget in the standard system. You can also create additional user-specific ledgers.

In the standard system, SAP supports a 1:1 derivation of Funds Management budget addresses to the corresponding control objects of ledgers 9H and 9I.

Availability Control Objects in the Standard System

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If you want to update posting data in the AVC ledger according to your own requirements you can do this using a strategy for account assignment derivation and availability control objects.

The example below shows that the data from three addresses is summarized in one control object. Although this example shows the derivation of FM account assignments related in a hierarchy, this is not relevant for the definition of a derivation strategy for availability control. In this way, posting data from hierarchy-independent budget addresses can be summarized in one control object.

Update Summarization Using Strategies

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You can assign one (standard) tolerance profile and the definable usage level in it for individual activity groups to a ledger in a FM area/fiscal year. It is also possible to use a different tolerance profile for particular exceptions. You define a derivation strategy for this which overrides the (standard) tolerance profile and the settings of the different tolerance profile are used instead.

User-Specific Availability Control Ledger

However, if these different tolerance profiles do not meet the requirements of your organization, you can define additional user-specific ledgers. In this case you work with a number of AVC ledgers in a FM area/fiscal year in parallel. In each ledger, the Funds Management posting data can be summarized according to your own strategy and the tolerance limits can be defined in your own tolerance profile.


Note that using parallel activated availability control checks can have a negative effect on system performance. SAP recommends that you do not use more than 3-4 AVC ledgers simultaneously.

You define user-specific ledgers in the Customizing of Funds Management, under Budget Control System(BCS) ® BCS Availability Control ® Settings for Availability Control Ledger ® Create User-Defined Availability Control Ledgers.

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