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Mobile Data Entry provides interleaving functionality, alleviating dead-heading in RF-managed warehouses.


Interleaving utilizes the putaway and picking/replenishment functions.



       1.      Transfer orders (TOs) for picking/replenishment are available in the warehouse.

       2.      The TOs belong to the same queue. For more information on queues, see RF Queue Management.


The system enables two types of interleaving:

        Interleaving by storage unit/handling unit

        System-guided interleaving



       1.      A forklift operator receives a TO for putaway via its RF device.

       2.      The operator performs and confirms the putaway.

       3.      The operator receives a TO for picking/replenishment.

       4.      After confirming the TO, the operator is able to repeat the process, the cyclical nature of work assignments providing it with a continuous workflow.


You can use the user exit function EXIT_SAPLLMOB_061 to define selection criteria for identifying the next TO to be processed for picking/replenishment. For example, you can use it to assign TOs for picking/replenishment with a source storage bin close to the destination storage bin of the previous TO for putaway.

For more information, see Sorting Using the User Exit.

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