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HIS constitutes a simplified method of requesting reports by letting you start them directly from structural graphics. HIS always displays two windows for processing. In the first window, structural graphics is active and you can select an object. In the second window, a list of available reports is displayed. You use the second window to start a report for the selected object. This procedure has the following advantages:

If you want to start a report anywhere other than HIS, you must enter data in the report selection screen before starting the report. In HIS, the system sets the required selection parameters automatically whenever possible.

The parameters set by the system correspond to the selection parameters that are most commonly used when the reports are run. In other words, they are an efficient method of presetting reports. You can check and change these settings at any time by using the Change/Display Standard Settings function.

HIS also enables you to start a report from the selection screen, if required.

The reports included in HIS belong to different HR components (such as Organizational Management, Personnel Administration, and Personnel Development). Accessing these reports usually requires you to follow specific menu paths in a particular component. In HIS, this is not the case. You can start and execute reports that belong to different components from a single, central function.

The reports on offer are a selection from all areas of Human Resources Management. If you want to add more reports to those offered by HIS, access Customizing, choose Human Resources Information System ® HIS ® Define Task Functions, and add them to the required area.

A description of the reports is included in application help. If you require further information, see Request Report Documentation.

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