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Information can be transferred between different companies using EDI. This enables a vendor to transfer invoice information electronically instead of in the form of a printed paper invoice. This has the following advantages:

An IDoc is generated for each invoice. The system posts an invoice using the data in this IDoc. To do this, the invoice must be consistent and must not cause any error messages in the system.


You can only settle unplanned delivery costs using the enhancement MRMH0002 and the customer exist EXIT_SAPLMRMH_014.

You can post directly to G/L or material accounts by using enhancement MRMH0002 and the customer exit EXIT_SAPLMRMH_015.

For more information, see Structure linkIDoc Interface / Electronic Data Interchange.


When you transmit invoice information via EDI, you


Application Component

You must maintain the following settings in Customizing:


Setting in Customizing for Logistics Invoice Verification

Which company code is the invoice to be posted in?

EDI ® Allocate Company Code

Which tax codes is the system to use to post the tax information transferred by the vendor?

EDI ® Assign tax codes

Which document type is the system to use to post the invoice?

How is the system to react to differences between the invoice quantities and values and the quantities and values determined on the basis of the purchase order and purchase order history

EDI ® Enter Program Parameters

IDoc Interface

You maintain the following settings for the IDoc interface:



Message type


IDoc type


Process codes

INVM: Conventional Invoice Verification

INVL: Logistics Invoice Verification

Process Flow

When processing an IDoc invoice, the system proceeds as follows:

  1. It determines the invoicing party.
  2. It reads the data in the Customizing tables listed above.
  3. It creates the invoice.


If it can, the system posts an invoice document for each IDoc.

If the EDI invoice contains variances, the invoice document is saved for background verification.

If the system cannot post the invoice, it gives the IDoc the appropriate error status. You must then process the IDoc manually, or transmit it again correctly.

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