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This is where you obtain a hierarchical overview of the results from a costing run. The costing run is displayed, in turn enabling you to display materials with errors:

You can get an overview of the goods movements in the material price analysis and branch to the relevant documents.

The status data for the hierarchy display is not automatically determined when you access the costing results or after executing a costing function. To view the most current display, choose Calculate status data again.


You can choose from the following hierarchy displays:

You can choose from the following views:

The overview displays the status of each level as it relates to single-level price determination, multilevel price determination or closing entries.
In the other views, you can see the number of materials for each level and whether the particular action was successful or with errors, and also whether it is still open or is not supported. You can choose from various filters when displaying the material list. You can display, for example, all materials with errors or only materials with goods movements.

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