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If you only want to post the goods receipt for materials that are not packed (that is, not in handling units) and you do not want to use the decentralized Warehouse Management system, you post the goods receipt in Inventory Management. The Warehouse Management system then generates a transfer requirement.

Process Flow

When goods are received in the warehouse, the processes that take place in Warehouse Management (WM) are generally automatic and transparent to the user. From the time a dock worker scans a bar code on the container slip until the goods are putaway in a storage bin within the warehouse, WM records of all the transactions for a material. The system can automatically execute all of the necessary steps from posting the goods receipt in Inventory Management (MM-IM) to confirming the movement. The individual steps in this process are:

  1. To trigger the transactions necessary for goods receipt in WM, post the good issue in Inventory Management (see also: Structure linkGoods Receipt in Inventory Management).
  2. As a result of stock posting, the system creates a quant in a storage bin in a goods receipt interim storage area and creates a transfer request in WM.

(For more information about types of interim storage areas, see WM Interface to Inventory Management (IM).)

  1. The system then (automatically) creates a transfer order on the basis of the information in the transfer request.
  2. Using a predetermined search strategy, the system determines the storage bin in which the goods are to be stored and divides them into pallets.
  3. The transfer order is used to transfer the goods from the interim storage bin in the goods receipt area zone to one or more storage bins in the warehouse.
  4. The warehouse worker confirms the transfer of the goods. He can enter this manually into the system or automatically by using RF equipment to scan the bar code on the container.

Differences between the quantity requested and the quantity transferred into the warehouse are recorded in WM. You must post these in IM later.


The goods receipt process is complete.


The following figure shows a possible scenario for an inbound movement in conjunction with a transfer order (TO). This example shows the processes in the warehouse and in WM for a goods receipt.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text



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