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For task determination, you must preset the parameters Response profile, Service profile and, if necessary, Priority in Customizing.

Definition: Response Profile

The response profile determines the tasks to be executed and the time intervals, at which they must be executed. These standard tasks are defined using the code and catalog functions. You can define a particular person, who is proposed during task determination, to process each standard task. This person can also be changed manually.

The actual time, in which the tasks from the response profile must be executed, is calculated based on the days and times specified in the service profile.

Definition: Service Profile

The service profile determines the times, at which a service should be provided. You can enter as many combinations of times and days as required to cover weekdays, weekends, shifts, holidays and so on. The service windows in the service profile are the basis for the start and end of processing of the tasks to be executed.

Definition: Priority

The priority determines the importance of a notification.


Based on the parameters Response profile, Service profile, and, if necessary, Priority, you can use the automatic determination of tasks when entering the notification.

The predefined parameters determine the times and the time interval within which your company should respond to a notification in a particular way.

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