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To provide good customer service, it is important to have an overview of:

When entering notifications, you can use the automatic determination of standard tasks.

In the case of further processing, the function for notification monitoring always provides you with a current overview of the standard tasks. This ensures that you are up-to-date with regard to customer requests and problems do not escalate unnecessarily.


The parameters Response Profile, Service Profile and, if necessary, Priority must be preset in Customizing. These parameters determine the times and the time interval, at which a particular response must be made to a notification (refer to Example: Automatic Determination of Tasks).

A response profile must be assigned to a notification. This can be done in two ways:

Settings for Notification Type

You have maintained the following data in Customizing under Plant Maintenance and Customer Service ® Maintenance and Service Processing ® Maintenance and Service Notifications:

  1. You have defined standard tasks using the code and catalog functions.
  2. You have defined response profiles, entered the standard tasks and times, in which they must be executed.
  3. You have defined service profiles and assigned a response profile, if required.
  4. You have assigned response profiles and service profiles to the notification types.
  5. If necessary, you have also defined priority types, priorities for each priority type, and assigned the priority types to the notification types.

Note that the response profile, which is entered in the service profile, overrides the response profile for the notification type. The response profile for the notification type is only decisive if:

Settings for Service Contract

In addition to the above data, you also have maintained the following data:

  1. You have assigned a response profile to the service profile in Customizing.
  2. You have created a characteristic master record and entered it as table name T355R and field name SERWI on the additional data screen. You have thereby assigned the service profile to the characteristic and displayed the Service profile field in the material master record on the characteristic valuation screen.
  3. You have created a service product (material master record of material type DIEN), classified and performed a characteristic valuation. You have entered the above service profile, to which a response profile is assigned, for the characteristic valuation.
  4. You have created a service contract for a technical object (functional location or equipment) and entered the service product.

Process Flow

  1. When entering a notification, call up the function for automatic task determination.

The system copies the standard tasks into the task overview for the notification, where you can add specific information, such as text.

  1. After entering the notification, you use the list editing function to create a list of all the notifications starting from a particular date.

You can use the monitor to monitor the response times for all tasks.

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