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When displaying procurement alternatives, consumption alternatives and procurement processes, the system displays the technical name, which is made up of the characteristics of the Controlling level. For example, a purchase order with the vendor Mueller and purchasing organization EN03 would be given the name "Vendor:Mueller Purch.org.:EN03". In this transaction, you can replace the technical name with a name that you define. If you do this, the name that you define will be displayed on the next screen instead of the technical name.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Actual Costing/Material Ledger ® Material Ledger ® Edit Procurement Alternative/Consumption Alternative.
  2. The screen for Display/Change Procurement Alternative/Consumption Alternative appears.

  3. Enter Plant and Material.
  4. The system lists all relevant procurement and consumption alternatives (or procurement processes) for a plant and a material under Procurement Alternative/Consumption Alternative (or Procurement Process).

    They are listed in a hierarchy according to process category.

  5. Double-click on a procurement alternative, a consumption alternative or a procurement process to see that item. The system displays the Name and the Controlling level. Use the symbol Display/change to select either display mode or change mode.
  6. Enter the text.
  7. Choose Copy.
  8. Choose Save.



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