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You can define a packing proposal in the order. You can define, for example, how the individual delivery items for the delivery are to be packed. This information is then copied into the delivery, where it can be changed during delivery processing, if desired.


So that packing proposals can be copied automatically from an order into a delivery as that delivery is created, you must enter a copy condition for handling units in Customizing as follows:

  1. Choose the Customizing activity Specify Copy Control for Deliveries under Logistics Execution ® Shipping ® Copying Control.
  2. Position the cursor on the delivery type LF and the sales document type OR .
  3. Choose the details view and make your changes. For example, you could enter 001-SchedAgrmnt à Dlv in the Data transfer HU field. Save your changes.


To ensure that the system copies the packing proposal into the delivery, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a Structure link sales order and enter the individual order items.
  2. Choose Extras ® Packing proposal in order to enter the packing information into the order.
  3. Use the Choice of allowed pack.mat. function to create an appropriate packaging material and pack the material.
  4. Save the sales order.
  5. Create an Structure link outbound delivery with reference to this sales order.


If you have not maintained any settings in the Customizing application, you can always manually copy a packing proposal defined in the order into the outbound delivery.

To do so, choose Extras ® Use proposal in the packing dialog.


If you have made the settings as described above under prerequisites, the packing proposal is automatically copied from a standard order during creation of a delivery. The delivery then creates a handling unit from this packing proposal if the delivery items can be packed.



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