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The Business Document Service ( BDS) provides general and easily integrated document management functions for R/3 applications. The Business Document Navigator (BDN) navigation interface is the central component of these functions. This user interface enables users to perform document management functions such as displaying, creating and deleting documents. Users can interactively execute these functions.

The BDS is also closely related to the business processes in an enterprise, which is particularly apparent in general object relationships. Together with SAP Desktop Office Integration, the BDS is a solution package for integrating general desktop office applications (see also Structure link Desktop Office Integration).

Implementation Considerations

You do not need to customize when you implement the BDS.

Customizing is only possible for special requirements regarding assigning attributes to documents, specifying as client-specific or cross-client, transport connections and defining a repository other than the standard. (See also Structure link Content Models.)

For more information on BDS Customizing, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Basis - Basis Services - Business Document Service.


The BDS can be integrated into all SAP applications that involve context documents and do not have any special requirements regarding document management. For an example application, choose Office ® Business Documents ® Documents ® Find.

Class CL_BDS_DOCUMENT_SET is available within the BDS. For more information on integrating the methods belonging to this class, see Integrating the BDS in SAP Applications.


The BDS has the following features:




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