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In the DRB overview the document numbers of the line items are not displayed as is usually the case with other object types, but rather the formatted object key of the related source document.


Line items have arisen in costing-based profitability analysis through an order settlement. The following is then displayed for costing-based profitability analysis line items:

Profitability analysis Settlement document 0000024755

0000024755 is also the document number of the settlement document.

When the system determines any links, it merely checks whether line items exist in costing-based profitability analysis for any potential source document. If this proves to be the case, a line in the above form is inserted in the DRB overview.

When you display the costing-based profitability analysis line items (by double-click), then all of the line items which relate to the business transaction (that is, to the source document) are displayed.

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