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As an alternative to Delivery of Individual Sales Orders in the foreground, you can deliver several documents at the same time.


You can tailor the user roles and the delivery scenarios in the standard system to your needs in order to better adapt processing of documents due for delivery to your business processes. In order to make these adjustments, carry out the following steps in Customizing under Logistics Execution ® Shipping ® Worklists:


To process a delivery list in the foreground, proceed as follows:

  1. From shipping, choose Outbound Delivery ® Create ® Collective Processing of Documents Due for Delivery ® Delivery scenario of your choice.

The Selection criteria entry screen appears, where you can select criteria according to which the delivery list is to be limited.

  1. Specify the shipping point for which you want to create the delivery. The system will propose a default value if you use user parameter VST.
  1. Set a range for the delivery creation date.

Normally, the default value for this field is defined for determination of the delivery creation date and can be specified in the user role.

The delivery creation date of a document due for delivery is a result of scheduling. It defines when a document must be created in order to keep the entire delivery on schedule, ensuring that the goods arrive at the customer's place of business on time. Time is also allotted for picking and transportation activities.

  1. Fill in the selection criteria that will be most helpful for you. Depending on which user role the delivery scenario is carried out with, different selection criteria (taken from the complete list) may be active. You can define which criteria appear in the user role and can be overridden (to some extent) on the User role tab page.


The following selection criteria are important for performance in the following order:

  1. Make sure that there is an entry for displaying the delivery list in the user role specifications in the function code profile.
  1. To start the search, choose Program ® Execute.

The delivery list either appears or the system issues a message that no documents due for delivery meet the given selection criteria.

  1. Select the lines that you want to deliver and then choose Create delivery in background.

After you create deliveries, the Log for delivery creation function appears in the status bar of the delivery list. Use this function to check the deliveries that were created and the messages added to the log. The delivery items that were generated and their delivered items are displayed in item or schedule line processing mode. You can check the results of the delivery right in the delivery list.




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