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In this IMG activity you activate triggering events of tasks and workflows and assign possible agents to them.


This IMG activity enables you to set up centrally in the implementation phase all the tasks and workflows that you will use.

However, you can also carry out the steps required individually within the relevant definitions. You only have to call the definition in display mode to carry out the activities described. You do not have to call the definition in change mode.


You must know:


The Customizing of tasks and workflows involves the following activities:

If SAPís usage of the task or workflow includes starting with a triggering event, the type linkage is supplied inactive and you have to activate it if required. This is the only way to restrict the workflow functions to the areas in which you actually want to use them.

All tasks that are represented by dialog work items when they are executed must be assigned to their possible agents, or be classified as general tasks. Whether a task is executed as a single step or as a step in a workflow is immaterial.

All workflows that are to be started in dialog also have to be assigned to their possible agents.


You can find this function in the IMG for SAP Business Workflow by choosing SAP Web Application Server ® Business Management ® SAP Business Workflow ® Perform task-specific Customizing.

You access the Customizing for particular tasks and workflows using the relevant application component.

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