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You can individually display or change summarized JIT calls that are available in the system. You can, for example, change the delivery date of a JIT call item, if you need the material earlier or later.

If you want to display a summarized JIT call, it does not matter whether you have already transmitted the messages for this JIT call or not.

However, you can only carry out changes to items with JIT calls, whose messages have not yet been transmitted.


  1. In the KANBAN menu, select JIT call ® Display or JIT call ® Change.
  2. This gives you the initial screen Display or Change a JIT call.

  3. Enter the number of the desired JIT call and select Continue.

This gives you the screen Display or Change Summarized JIT Call, which is divided in the entries for Summarized JIT call header and Summarized JIT call item. In the area for the Summarized JIT call item the tab page Single Item displays the item 10.

Alternatively you can also access the screen Display or Change Summarized JIT Call by selecting a kanban in the kanban board, Goto ® Kanban information and then select Display or Change replenishment.

NoteIn the tab page All items you can display all the items in the entire JIT call.

In order to go from the tab page All items back to the detailed display of a summarized JIT call item, select the desired item and choose the tab page Single item.

  1. If you are in change mode, then you can change the delivery date, the delivery time and the JIT call quantity for the item that is displayed in detail.

For a summarized JIT call with several items, the delivery date in the JIT call header corresponds to the item with the earliest date and is automatically updated as soon as you save the change.


The changed delivery date must be within the corresponding period of the time definition.

NoteIn change mode via Change message you can also change for example the dispatch time of an output, repeat a message that has already been processed or change the output device.

The system informs you about the manual change. Select Continue.

  1. In change mode save the changes that you carried out to the item or items.
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