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The Warehouse Management system (WMS) offers an overview of the current material stocks in a storage unit managed (SU-managed) bulk storage type with those material quantities that are available and those that are to be removed from storage.


To calculate the current stock situation in an SU-managed bulk storage type, the system uses all of the open transfer orders (TOs) for this bulk storage type. On the basis of the open TOs, the system creates so-called dummy quants, in order to calculate the stock levels of the quants for the destination storage type.


The system does not save these dummy quants. You cannot call any detailed information on dummy quants, since they do not represent quants that actually exist in the warehouse; they are only created for a short time for internal system calculation and are not saved in the database.


For an overview of the material stocks in SU-managed bulk storage, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Bins and Stocks ® Display from the SAP menu.

Stock Overview

Level of Detail

Menu Path

What You Should Know

Total overview per warehouse number

® Total Stock per Material

You can display the quant data for the stock.

Note that:

  • The system does not display dummy quants
  • The system displays the quantity to be removed from storage in the destination quant for SU-managed bulk storage.

Detail view per storage type

® Bin Stock per Material

In the standard system, the available quantity is not displayed because in SU-managed bulk storage, the system cannot assign a particular quant, which is to be removed from storage, to a stock removal TO.

You can display the available quantity. In doing so, note that:

  • The available quantity per dummy quant is a negative quantity
  • The available quantity per quant in SU-managed storage corresponds to the current total quantity of the quant.



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