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You can use RF devices for inventory counting, enabling a greater degree of accuracy and efficiency. This is particularly useful, given the importance of inventory counting in terms of data maintenance and country-specific tax laws.


For more information on Inventory Counting, see Structure linkInventory in the SAP Library for Structure linkWarehouse Management System.


There is an activated inventory document in the SAP System.


Different Modes of Bin Selection

There are two main options for performing an inventory count using an RF device:


       1.      System-guided

The system proposes all of the bins of an inventory document that was assigned to the particular user. This assignment takes place during the creation of the document.

       2.      User-selected

The user selects the storage bin for the inventory count. Under this option, you can select and scan storage bins within a warehouse area that is assigned from an organizational point of view.

ExampleWorker A processes aisles 1 and 2, and worker B processes aisles 3 and 4.


We recommend that for cycle counting, you select the system-guided option, since the storage bins will not be counted in sequence.

Applicable to SU-Managed, HU-Managed and Non SU/HU-Managed Environments

You can count inventory for Structure linkstorage unit (SU)-managed, Structure linkhandling unit (HU)-managed and non SU/HU-managed environments.

        In an SU or HU-managed environment, you scan/count each SU/HU in a storage bin. If desired, you can also count the material quantity within an SU/HU.

        In an HU-managed environment, you can scan/count nested (multi-level) HUs in a storage bin but cannot count the lower-level HUs. In other words, you can only count the content of a single-level HU.

        In a non-SU/HU managed environment, you count the material quantity in a storage bin.

For both system-guided and user-driven bin selection, the screens displayed on the RF device vary according to whether or not the storage bin is in an SU/HU-managed environment.

For more information, see:

Performing a User-Selected Inventory Count

Performing a System-Guided Inventory Count


Before major corrections were made, there were four possible transactions in versions 4.6B and 4.6C:

         LM50 - User-selected storage unit count

         LM51 - System-guided storage unit count

         LM52 – User-selected storage bin count

         LM53 - System-guided storage bin count

These have now been merged into the current two transactions – system-guided (LM50) and user-selected (LM51) bin count.


Transactions LM52 and LM53 still exist in the system since they cannot be deleted. However, you must use only transactions LM50 and LM51.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


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