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You can also enter information necessary for activity allocation to be used for internal company purposes when you record time data records in the time infotypes Absences (2001), Attendances (2002) and Employee Remuneration Info (2010).

This data can then be processed further in R/3 Controlling (CO).


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Information entered in R/3 Time Management regarding activity allocation is transferred to R/3 Controlling by the report RPTPDC0 (Transfer Additional Activity Allocation Data to R/3 Controlling).

The receiver (order, cost center, and so on) is then debited in Controlling. The sender cost center is credited.

At the same time, cost assignment, that is the crediting of the sender cost center with the actual costs, is triggered in R/3 Time Management. This information is then passed on to R/3 Payroll. From there, the actual costs are transferred to Controlling.


For more information on transferring actual costs to R/3 Controlling, see the ALE Business Process Structure link Posting of Payroll Results to R/3 Accounting documentation.


The prerequisites for activity allocation in the Time Management component are that the cost center, the activity types and the work breakdown schedule (WBS) elements must already be distributed.

Customizing R/3 Human Resources

  1. Check the entries made in the Customizing steps in the Entry Specifications for Activity Allocation step of the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Time Management.
  2. To automatically transfer data to Controlling, schedule the report RPTPDC0 in the Customizing step Schedule data transfer to activity allocation in the IMG.


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