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When you implement the Warehouse Management System (WMS), you manage goods movements and stock changes in the warehouse at storage bin level. However, if you implement Lean WM, inventory management takes place solely at storage location level. The system does not update the stock data at storage bin level using the quants.

You use Lean WM solely for processing goods receipts and goods issues. Using Lean WM, you process the warehouse movements in basically the same way as if using the Warehouse Management System: you work with deliveries, and you create transfer orders for these deliveries. These transfer orders serve as pick lists (see also Using the Transfer Order as a Pick List in Lean WM). We recommend that you implement Lean WM if you wish to pick deliveries in a warehouse that you are not managing using WMS.

The use of transfer orders in Lean WM provides the following advantages:

If you do no wish to update stocks in your fixed bin warehouse at storage bin level, Lean WM provides you with the option of using the advantages of warehouse management through transfer orders in the same way as warehouse management using the WMS.


If you are already using the standard WM system, we recommend that you implement Lean WM in a further warehouse where no updating of stocks at storage bin level is necessary. In this way, you ensure that the processes for warehouse management are uniform in all warehouses.

Since Lean WM does not update stocks at storage bin level, you can display the stock quantities solely in Inventory Management (IM) and not with the stock overview function in WM. Also, you cannot process possible stock differences that occur in the warehouse using Lean WM, only using Inventory Management (MM-IM):


You can only implement Lean WM in a fixed bin warehouse; random storage is not possible.

Before you can implement Lean WM, you need to make the following configuration changes in Customizing:

  1. Assign a (newly defined) storage location to a warehouse number.
  2. Set up at least two storage types:

For more information, refer to the section Setting up Lean-WM.



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