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In periodic partial settlement, you can refer to specific periods for settlement. This means that only the amount accumulated up to the settlement date is taken into account, even if partial payment is made only later.


You want to carry out partial settlement for January. You know, however, that revenues will occur in February although their date of services rendered is in January. You can now carry out periodic partial settlement in the middle of February. Enter a calendar year as the settlement period with the end of each month as the settlement dates. Enter January 31 as the concrete settlement date. The revenues in February with a date of services rendered that falls in January, are included in the settlement. New revenues in February are not included.


In Customizing, assign a settlement period to the rebate agreement type.

When using the cross-application functions in Customizing, you can create you own calendar for periodic partial settlement. You can then maintain the possible settlement dates as work days.


The settlement dates must always fall on the last day of the month.

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