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This putaway strategy allows you to better utilize warehouse capacity. You can use a dynamic storage bin coordinate to temporarily store the material that is to be put away in another location (such as the identification point, or ID point) if the putaway is going to take a long time.


You can set up this strategy in Customizing for Warehouse Management by selecting Master Data ® Define Storage Type and entering Q in the Putaway strategy field.


By implementing this putaway strategy, you prevent the system from blocking the final storage bin during goods receipt for an extended length of time (until the goods arrive there). Instead, the system first creates a dynamic storage bin with the materialís quant number as the coordinate.

The system does not determine the final storage bin until you create the quant number of the goods that are to be put away at the ID point, effectively triggering the putaway to the final storage bin.

This putaway strategy is especially useful for an ID point or pick point when the putaway process takes a long time.



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