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This example describes the procedure for triggering a posting change directly from the Warehouse Management system (WMS) and executing the corresponding posting change automatically in Inventory Management (MM-IM).

Process Flow


  1. To trigger the release of stock from consignment stock manually in the WMS, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Posting Change ® Direct to Bin Stock ® Other Posting Changes, from the SAP menu.

You arrive at the screen Posting Change in WM and IM: Start.

  1. Enter the required data.

If one does not already exist, create a movement type for moving stock into the interim area for posting changes and back again.

Through additional entries, you can restrict the selection further.

  1. Choose Execute.
  2. From the list displayed, select the materials for which you want to execute the posting change and choose Post Change.


The system creates and confirms a transfer order, with which it moves the relevant quants to the posting change interim storage area and back again. When the transfer order is confirmed, the system executes the posting change for the materials in the WMS and the MM-IM from consignment stock to the company’s own stock.

The system confirms that the posting change has taken place by highlighting the material items in green in the list.

If an error occurs during the posting change, the system highlights the relevant items in red.



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