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You process posting changes in Inventory Management (MM-IM) and the Warehouse Management system (WMS) in order to change the status of a material in the warehouse.


You have set up the interface between the Warehouse Management system (WMS) and Inventory Management (MM-IM) in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under unter Interfaces ® Interface to Inventory Management. For more information, see Posting Changes.

Process Flow

  1. By executing a posting change in Inventory Management for a material that you also manage in the WMS, you simultaneously trigger the posting change in the WMS.
  1. Based on the posting change in MM-IM, the system creates a posting change notice in the WMS.
  2. In the logical interim storage area for posting changes (posting change area), the WMS creates a negative quant for the material that is to be booked out and a positive quant for the material that is to be booked in.
  3. You display an overview of the posting change notices to be processed. For more information, see Displaying Posting Change Notices.
  4. Depending on your selection criteria, the system displays all open, all completely processed, or all partly processed posting change notices.

  5. To execute the posting change in the WMS, create a transfer order for a posting change notice. You have the choice of having the system create transfer orders for posting changes automatically.

The single item in the posting change notice becomes an item pair in the transfer order:


The movement is a purely logical one within the WMS. You do not physically move the material stocks in the warehouse, you simply change the material status in the system.


You release a material from quality inspection stock and put it away in another section of your warehouse complex.

  1. You confirm the posting change TO to complete the change in status of the stock.
  2. When the posting change TO is confirmed, the system balances out the posting change interim storage area.



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