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The role Document Relationship Browser (SAP_DRB) is available if you want to call up the DRB using profit center documents. This contains transaction KE5Z (Profit Center: Actual Line Items).


You can access the DRB from the list generated by this transaction via Environment ® Relationship Browser.

You can choose via Extras ® Data Source whether the system should read from the database or archive, or else whether you wish to access the archive automatically via the Archive Information System. To enable the line item report to read from the archive via the Archive Information System, you require archive information structures for various field catalogs, according to which selection criteria you use to search and the archiving object with which the data was archived.

The following archiving objects are possibilities: EC_PCA_ITM and PCA_OBJECT:

Archiving Object EC_PCA_ITM:

Archiving Object PCA_OBJECT:

Archive information structures with the same name exist for all of the respective field catalogs. You can either use these or create your own archive information structures for the field catalogs given.

You can alter the standard response of the data source dialog box in Customizing table ASACCESS01. You can find additional information on this and archive access using these transactions in the data source dialog box (you reach the dialog box via Extras ® Data Source) by choosing the documentation pushbutton "i". You can also find more information in the read information for EC_PCA_ITM archive.


You access this read information for the EC_PCA_ITM archive by entering archiving object EC_PCA_ITM in transaction SARA and choosing Enter. Then choose Read. In the following screen choose Goto ® Info (F6).

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