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When working with a revenue recognition list, enter selection criteria. The system selects all accrual entries that fulfil selected criteria and creates these in the revenue recognition list. If you want to work with this type of list, you must carry out the following steps:


Coordination of Accrual Entries Which Should be Implemented.

If you implement recognitions, you must refer to a sales document.

You can specify the documents, for which you want to carry out recognitions, by either entering the document numbers or document number i n tervals.


Working with Revenue Recognition Lists

You do not need to enter individual document numbers into the revenue recognition list. The system produces a list of the documents that need to be implemented, using the selection criteria entered.

If you want to call up the revenue recognition list, choose the transaction VF44.


Changing the Data Proposed by the System

If you edit the revenue recognition list, the system proposes data for implementation. Before executing revenue recognition, you have the option of changing the posting period.

If you do not enter a period, the system uses the financial accounting period, containing the date from the field Revenue recognition by: Dat.

Posting Level

One of the characteristics of the revenue list is the inclusion of a field for the Posting level. The posting level determines at what point revenue recognition should be used when creating accounting documents. In the following table you can see what options are available to you:

Posting level: Options



Blank character

Sales document level

Revenue recognition creates an accounting document for each sales document.


Collective processing level

Revenue recognition creates an accounting document for the whole run. If you select this option and an accounting document has more than 999 lines, the system automatically creates another document for the extra lines.


Sales document item level

Revenue recognition creates an accounting document for each sales document item.


Sales document item level per posting period

Revenue recognition creates an accounting document for each sales document item and posting period.


Canceling Revenue Recognitions

You can use transaction VF46 to cancel the revenue recognition postings that you posted with transaction VF44. The selection screen for cancellation is the same as the screen for revenue posting. You can therefore cancel postings for a documents in a specific period, for example.


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