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SAPconnect provides a standard interface for external communication, which supports sending with telecommunication services, such as FAX, text message (pager/SMS), Internet mail, and X.400, as well as sending to printers and between different SAP systems. It enables external communication components to be connected to the SAP system.

SAPconnect provides a direct connection to the Internet using the SMTP plug-in of the SAP Web Application Server. This enables you to send and receive Internet mails without the need for an additional external communication system, as well as faxes and text messages (pager/SMS). The SMTP plug-in is available for Internet mail as of SAP Web AS 6.10, and for fax and text messages (pager/SMS) as of SAP Web AS 6.20. For more information, see the Quick Guide to SMTP Configuration.

As of SAP Web AS 6.20, it is also possible to pass text messages (pager/SMS) to external servers or providers packed as URLs. For more information, see Quick Guide to HTTP Configuration.



If you are using the SMTP plug-in, see the Quick Guide to SMTP Configuration for the information you need to configure your system. This is the configuration recommended by SAP.

For full information about the settings that can be made for external communication, see Administration.

For information on monitoring and error analysis, see Monitoring Sending and Error Analysis respectively.


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SAPconnect can be used to connect to various communication components and communication systems, such as:

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