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Procedure documentation Performing a Movement by Storage Unit Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use this radio frequency option if you do not know the transfer order (TO) number of a storage unit (SU)/handling unit (HU). Because there is no movement type check, you can identify transfer orders for putaway or picking.



       1.      From the RF menu, choose Stock Transfer Movement by SU.

The Select Storage Unit/Handling Unit screen appears.

       2.      Enter the SU/HU number using the scanner or keyboard.

       3.      Choose Nxt. The source screen relating to the underlying TO appears.

       4.      If the TO is for a simple movement within the warehouse or a putaway, see Performing a Putaway for the remaining steps.

If the TO is for a pick, see Picking from a Non-Bulk Storage Type for the remaining steps:


If you set the Skip source dta. indicator in Customizing for Logistics Execution Mobile Data Entry Verification Control Assign Verification Profiles to Goods Movements, the source screen is skipped after the SU/HU is scanned in the case of the following transactions:

         LMO2 – Putaway by storage unit

         LM13 – Clustered putaway


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