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You use this function if your supply storage location is managed using WM and you want to transfer components from these storage locations to the production storage location that is MM based. In this way the KANBAN material is taken to an interim storage location and from there is transferred via the KANBAN control cycle to the supply area.

With this process you initially create a transfer requirement, which will be converted in Warehouse Management into a transfer order. The system does not post the material until the transfer order has been confirmed, that is, after completion of the stock transfer.


Process Flow

  1. You set a kanban to EMPTY.
  2. The system creates a transfer requirement for the Warehouse Management system with one item per kanban.
  3. Alternatively, the system can also create a transfer order immediately (see prerequisites).

  4. Warehouse Management converts the transfer requirement into a transfer order.
  5. The material will be transferred from the WM storage location via the kanban interface to the supply area, which is set in the control cycle.
  6. Warehouse Management confirms the order.
  7. The system sets the kanban to FULL and posts the goods movement.


You can also set the kanban to FULL first, in which case the system confirms the open transfer order in WM in the background and posts the goods movement.


It is only possible to confirm with a variance to the kanban quantity for a transfer order item – otherwize the the difference cannot be assigned to any transfer order.


The following graphic describes this process:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

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