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In this EDI scenario, you receive and process a quality certificate as a PDF file that has been sent to you by a vendor using an R/3 System. The system checks the document that has been sent against the digital signature to make sure that the certificate is authentic. The incoming certificate is then stored using SAP ArchiveLink.


If no purchase order item could be assigned to the document data, or if the material does not require a certificate, the certificate is stored centrally and forwarded to the person responsible for its processing using the Business Workflow.




There are the following prerequisites for processing the inbound quality certificate:


If the purchase order item is not given in the IDoc, you can assign the item using the customer enhancement QCE10001.

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled for the system to check the digital signature:

To forward an inbound certificate to the department responsible using the SAP Business Workflow for assignment, the following prerequisite must be met:


To assign processors to the document type QMICERTPDF and to make the required settings, choose Tools ® Business Documents ® Miscellaneous ® Default settings.



IDoc Interface

The following values are maintained in the partner profiles (inbound):



Message type


Partner type

LI (vendor)

Partner function


Recipient port


Basic type


Process code



The IDoc is received either over the Internet port as an attachment to an e-mail, or via the subsystem. The system uses the administrative data to find an existing certificate record and stores the related certificate in SAP ArchiveLink. If no certificate record exists, the system creates a new certificate record and then stores the related certificate.

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