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Based on the preset parameters Response Profile, Service Profile and, if necessary, Priority, you can use the automatic determination of tasks when entering the notification. The predefined parameters determine the times and the time interval within which your company should respond to a notification in a particular way.

Example: Automatic Determination of Tasks


The automatic determination of tasks is particularly important for service and maintenance contracts. Specifically, if an explicit agreement is made between the contract partners that certain responses should be made at certain intervals.

For more information on task determination in maintenance planning, see Structure link Automatic Task Determination for Notifications.

You can assign a response profile to the notification in two ways:


Refer to the prerequisites under Task Determination and Notification Monitoring.


For task determination, the system proceeds as follows:

If you enter a notification with a reference object, the system checks whether:

If this is the case, the service profile forms the basis for the task determination.

If no service profile and thereby no response profile is found using the contract, or if the reference object is not contained in a contract, the system uses the service profile, which is assigned to the notification type, as a basis.


From the notification, choose Edit ® Tasks ® Determine or if you would like to simulate tasks, choose Edit ® Tasks ® Simulation (Determination).


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