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  1. Start the output controller by choosing System ® Services ® Output controller from anywhere in the SAP System.
  2. The Output controller: Spool request selection screen appears. On this screen, you can select the desired output requests. If required, you can add more fields by choosing Further selection criteria.
  3. The system displays the output requests that match your search criteria.


The Output status column in the list tells you the current status of your output request:

Value in Output status


--- (Dash)

The print request is being held and has not been sent to a printer yet. To send your output request to the printer, choose Print directly This graphic is explained in the accompanying text or Print with changed parameters This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.


Your output request is completed. It is waiting for you at the printer.

Problem, Wait, any red- or
pink-shaded message

For more information on the problem, see the Structure link log. To do this, select the request and choose Output requests This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. On the next screen, select the output request concerned and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

The SAP System was either unable to print your request or there may be problems with the output.

The reason for a problem or wait status can be as simple as a printer or PC that has not been turned on. If you cannot solve the problem yourself, contact your system administrator.

Additional Information

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