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  1. For an outbound delivery, start at shipping and choose Outbound Delivery ® Lists and Logs ® Incomplete Outbound Deliveries.
    For an inbound delivery, start at
    inbound delivery and choose Inbound Delivery ® Lists ® Incomplete Inbound Deliveries.
  2. The system displays the selection screen for incomplete sales documents. The respective selection criteria for the overview of all incomplete deliveries already appear as defaults. By specifying further selection criteria, you can limit the delivery display even more.

  3. Choose Program ® Execute.
  4. Position your cursor on the delivery document you want to process and choose Edit ® Change document.
  5. The Change: Overview screen appears.

  6. Choose Edit ® Incompletion.
  7. A screen with the incompletion list for the selected delivery appears. This screen lists the data that the system still requires to complete the document.

  8. Select the lines that you want to edit and choose Edit data.
  9. Now you can process all the selected items, one after the other, from the list of incomplete data. The program automatically goes to the field that is still incomplete.

  10. Enter the missing data and choose Next incompl. data field.

This takes you to one of the following screens:

  1. As soon as you have entered all missing data, choose Save.


If you have changed the settings in Customizing for the incompletion log, you can have the system redetermine the incompletion data by choosing Edit ® Redetermine incompletion.




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