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When you are creating and processing deliveries, it is often necessary to check the completeness of the delivery. A delivery is considered to be incomplete if fields relevant for the delivery have not been filled, or if certain settings defined in Customizing have not been taken into account. The delivery incompletion log ensures that this completion check is executed automatically.

In the delivery, you can check the following levels for completeness:

You can either display a list of all incomplete deliveries or go directly from delivery processing to the incompletion log. See also Processing Incompletion Log


The incompletion log controls whether the next subsequent functions are allowed in the case of an incomplete delivery:

Inbound delivery

Outbound delivery





Goods receipt

Goods issue


Billing document


Also, it is possible to set the system so that incomplete deliveries cannot be saved to the database. If, in such a case, the delivery is created in a collective processing run, the reasons for the incompleteness are printed in the collective processing log and the delivery is not created by the system.


For example, you can detect the following situations through the incompletion log:




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