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A service is the set of files required by the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) to drive an application that is started from a Web browser and accesses data in the R/3 System.

A service can consist of up to five file types including:

There must always be a service file, because this contains the service description, which is the set of parameters that along with additional runtime information defines how a service runs. The ITS also derives information from the global service file, which contains settings that apply to all services.

When a user starts a service in a Web browser, the ITS gets service information from several sources:

The global service file contains parameters that apply to all services, but you can override these by setting values in the service-specific service files.

Some of the values defined during ITS setup should not be changed, but others can (or even must) be changed during development or at least before going live.

Each service file contains parameters that apply only to that service. If the values defined for parameters in the service file differ from the values defined for the same parameters in the global service file, the values in the service file always override those in the global service file.

The ITS determines the values of these parameters at runtime from HTMLBusiness code in HTML templates.

These are internal parameters maintained by the ITS, so you cannot modify them, but they are available for reference.

The service parameters you need to define may depend on the implementation model used to develop the application. For example, some are specific to the SAP GUI for HTML.

For a list of ITS service parameters and other variables, see Service Parameter List.

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