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From a technical point of view, the same procedure is used for the scenarios. When the document to be sent has been posted by the application, the application itself either creates an IDoc or a message is generated by the Message Control module. An outbound IDoc is generated by the IDoc Interface from this message and the application document.

On the recipient side, an inbound IDoc is transferred to the IDoc Interface and created in the database from there. This scenario is not concerned with the way in which the inbound IDoc was transferred to the SAP System. To test the scenario, you can generate an inbound IDoc from the outbound IDoc in the same system and client using the Structure link test tool .

The data is then transferred to the relevant application tables from the inbound IDoc and the application document is posted.


The following default settings are required for the scenarios (for both sender and recipient):


The sender posts the document to be sent. In the case of outbound processing using Message Control, the message found by Message Control can be displayed before being posted and edited if necessary.

On the recipient side, IDoc inbound processing usually takes place automatically, that is, the document is posted when IDoc inbound processing is complete. This procedure can be monitored at several points, for example, when the IDocs or the corresponding application documents are displayed.

If an error occurs during IDoc processing, exception handling using workflow is started. Only then can users play an active role in the procedure.


The Structure link IDoc Interface test tool can be used to detect errors in inbound processing. Define the ALE inbound function module which is behind the Structure link inbound process code and call the module directly in the inbound test. In addition, you should select the option Fgd after error. This screen on which the inbound error occurred is now displayed. This possibility only exists for the applications, that, for example, use a CALL TRANSACTION internally (application SD).

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