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This is the location where the goods arrive at or leave the warehouse. It is an organizational unit that is assigned to the warehouse number.

Trucks drive up to the doors of a warehouse in order to unload or load goods there. The doors are located in physical proximity to the respective staging areas.

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To optimize the putaway and pick processes in your warehouse, you can define doors and staging areas in a warehouse number. You can also assign the doors to the staging areas as goods receiving and shipping points. The staging area is added to the door in the delivery document if there is no other assignment listed under "Door and Staging Area Determination".

You can also assign different functions, even simultaneously, to a door. These include:


The system finds the doors and staging areas for the individual deliveries using search criteria that help to optimize the material flow during putaway, cross-docking, and picking.

You create this organizational structure in Customizing for Warehouse Management under the path Master Data ® Define Doors.

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