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SAP Human Resources provides you with more than 200 standard reports. They enable you to perform standard reporting simply, and without you having to spend time and money on development. This section gives you an overview of the standard reports that are available in the following areas of Human Resources Management:

Personnel Management

Time Management


Training and Event Management

Organizational Management

The term report is used in the HR Reporting manual to mean executable programs that read data from the database and then report on the data without changes being written to the database. Reports in HR can be ABAP reports or queries.


A report is usually executed as follows:

  1. You start the report from the SAP Easy Access menu, an info system, an application, or the ABAP Editor, for example.
  2. This takes you to the selection screen, in which you enter the required selection parameters. By doing so, you determine the conditions that apply when the report is executed. If you only want to report on a specific group of employees, for example, you enter an organizational unit.
  3. You start the report.
  4. The system reads data from the database, processes it in accordance with the report you specified, and outputs the result.
  5. Depending on how the data is output, you can continue processing, print, and export the data.

If you require further information on how reports are executed, access the introduction to the R/3 System and see Structure link Reports. If you require further information on the report selection screen and its functions, see Report Selection Screen in Human Resources Management.

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