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Due to the high level of complexity and the wide range of problem situations, there is no single best method of performing multilevel price determination. This section contains information that will assist you in finding a strategy that is suited to your particular situation.

Possible Approaches

Search for the materials whose variances are not acceptable, and decide whether you want to make adjustment postings. If you cannot make any adjustment postings, or if the adjustment postings do not remove the errors, set an error limit and execute the run again for all materials. When you do so, turn on automatic error correction so that the system can remove the errors that are resulting in the threshold values being exceeded.


If you first execute a costing run and generate warning messages for values that exceed the threshold value, and then set error limits, you must repeat the entire costing run with the error limits for all materials. You should not limit the run to materials for which you have set error limits.





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