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The planned prices must exist in the system and they must be valid (validity date). If no valid planned prices exist in the system, the materials will continue to be valuated with the valuation price used up to this point.

If the material ledger is active and you have set the price determination indicator in the material master to 3, then the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:


  1. Choose Logistics ® Materials Management ® Valuation ® Material Price Change ® Release Planned Prices
  2. or

    Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Actual Costing/Material Ledger ® Material Ledger ® Set Prices ® Release Planned Prices.

  3. Enter data as required.
  4. Enter threshold values for the price changes, if necessary.
  5. Specify whether the program should be run as a test run or an update run.
  6. Choose Execute.
  7. A list with information about price changes and the corresponding revaluations appears.

  8. To see the log, choose Message list.


The system does the following:

The offsetting entry takes place in the revaluation account in accordance with account determination.

If no material stock exists, only the price is changed.

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