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BSP Extension


Developing flexible Web interfaces using BSP extensions. For more information, refer to BSP Extension.

Enhancements in the Package Builder


Introduction of Structure Packages.


Influence of structure packages on package checks. For more information, refer to Package Checks and System Settings.

Support for XSL Transformation


Reference to XSL Transformation


XSLT Debugger


New functions in the XSLT Editor

Enhancements to Web Application Builder


Support for MVC Programming Model through controller-based pages.


Creating views. See also "page types" in Creating Pages.


Creating Controller Objects that can be assigned to views.


Creating Error Pages that are processed for runtime errors.


Automatic generation of an ICF service node for each new BSP application. See also the corresponding note in Creating BSP Applications.

MIME Repository


Importing MIMEs available as quantity operation.


Creating Namespace Folders in the MIME Repository Browser.

Additional functions in the Object Navigator


New entry Inactive Objects for the object list selection in the Repository Browser.


Access to MIME operations from the object list of the Repository Browser. See also the Features in the MIME Repository.

Enhancements in the Class Builder


Integration of the Modification Assistant. For more information, refer to Structure linkStructure linkModifications in the Class Builder.

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New Features in Release 6,10



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