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When you create a subcontract order in Purchasing, you can determine which batch of the subcontracting component is to be delivered to the subcontractor. This may be useful, for example, if the material for subcontracting requires specific characteristics that you map in your system using batches.

In order to display the batch numbers from the purchase order, during the transfer posting of the material provided from normal storage location stock to stock of material provided to vendor, you must refer to the purchase order. A collective transfer posting is not possible.

Transfer Posting Using the Subcontracting Stock Monitoring List

With the report for the SC Stock Monitoring for Vendor (RM06ELLB; transaction code ME2O), it is possible to display the batches of the material provided by customer and execute a transfer posting directly to the stock of material provided to vendor.

On the initial screen of the report, you can use the Group by batches indicator to determine how the batch information is to be used in the display:

There are also detail lines for the stocks. Quantity offsetting is carried out within the component, independently of the batch number.

Goods Receipt Posting in Inventory Management

In goods receipt posting to the subcontract order with transaction MIGO or MB01, the system proposes the batch number from the purchase order for consumption posting of the subcontracting components. You can change this default value if necessary.



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