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In order to be able to use Lean WM in your warehouse, you must first execute the following settings in Customizing for Shipping.


In Customizing for Shipping, choose Picking ® Lean-WM.

Customizing Activity


What You Should Know

Defining control parameters and number ranges for the warehouse number

® Define control parameters and number ranges for the warehouse number

In the SAP standard version, warehouse number 100 is preset for Lean WM. We recommend that you always use warehouse number 100 as a warehouse to copy when you implement Lean WM.

Defining storage type for Lean WM

® Define storage type

In the SAP standard version, different examples of Lean WM storage types are preset in warehouse number 100.

We recommend setting up, as a minimum, the following storage types:

  • One storage type as the source storage type with one or several fixed bins
  • A shipping area as the destination storage type for deliveries
  • Storage type 902 (goods receipt for external deliveries) if you are working with inbound deliveries

Defining the picking area

® Define picking areas

Lean WM is a prerequisite for implementation of picking areas.

In the material master, a picking area must be assigned to the material in the view Plant data / Storage 1.

In the SAP standard version, two picking areas are preset.

Defining transfer types

® Define transfer types

In the SAP standard version, transfer type A (outbound delivery) is preset for warehouse number 100 (Lean WM). We recommend keeping this transfer type.

Defining movement types

® Define movement types

The movement type for Lean WM supplies the information that is required for inbound and outbound deliveries.

  • Destination storage type that appears on the printout of the transfer order.
  • Control indicator for processing, confirming, and issuing transfer orders (single print or combined print).

Movement types 101, 601, and 255 are preset for Lean WM. We recommend keeping these movement types.

Defining difference indicator

® Define difference indicator

Via the difference indicator, you can classify stock differences. This indicator is used in Lean WM for evaluation purposes only.

In the SAP standard version, difference indicators for Lean WM are stored in warehouse number 100. We recommend using difference indicator " " (blank) only.

Defining print control

® Define print control

For further information, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Shipping under the path Picking ® Lean-WM ® Define print control.

Synchronizing movement types between Inventory Management (MM-IM) and the Warehouse Management System (Lean WM)

® Interface Inventory Management

In the SAP standard version, all the relevant movement types are preset. We recommend working with the standard version.

Defining degree of activation for Warehouse Management (selection between Lean WM and full WM)

® Control Plant / Storage Location / Warehouse Number Assignment

Decide which feature you want to implement for Warehouse Management and define the control for assignment Plant / Storage Location / Warehouse Number.

In the SAP standard version, Lean WM is preset with activation degree 1 in warehouse number 100.



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