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Just before you begin loading a delivery, for example, you notice that the means of transport is smaller than the one that was scheduled to take on this delivery. So, you decide to split a planned delivery into several smaller deliveries. Your colleagues who are working at the loading ramp specify the delivery items (or handling units) that will actually be loaded onto the means of transport. The shipping documents, goods movement postings and billing documents should be created based on the quantity that was actually loaded. The rest of the delivery items will be included in another shipment at a later time.


Selecting outbound deliveries that are to be split

  1. From shipping, choose Outbound Delivery ® Change ® Subsequent Split (Outbound Delivery).
  2. Enter a split profile in the Split paramtrs section.

The split profile combines all the settings that you made in the Implementation Guide (IMG) and applies them to the current split process. You can predefine a split profile with user parameter LEDSP_PMODE .

  1. Use the other sections on this screen to further limit the delivery selection. For example, if you know which outbound delivery you want to select, you can enter its delivery number in the Document data section.
  2. Choose Execute to start the delivery selection.

If there are no outbound deliveries that meet the selection criteria that you specified, a message to that effect will appear.

Carrying out the subsequent outbound-delivery split

  1. Define the delivery items or quantities that are to be split in one of the following ways:

If you want to split the entire quantity of a delivery item from the original delivery, choose that item by double-clicking it.

The system assigns this item a number, which appears in the list as a current split result number.

Enter a four-digit number of your choice in the Result field.

You can use the result number to control the combination of outbound deliveries that are involved in the split. If you assign the same result number to the delivery items in one outbound delivery, these items will remain together and appear in the same split result after the split. If delivery items have different result numbers, the split distributes them among several outbound deliveries.

If you selected more than one outbound delivery, please note that result numbers are only ever valid for one outbound delivery. In other words, the same result numbers can be assigned in splits of different outbound deliveries. Entire outbound deliveries cannot be combined by assigning the same result number. Combination by assigning the same result number is only valid for items, as described above.

If you only want to split a partial quantity of a delivery item, enter that quantity in the Split quantity field. The quantity that appears in the Unpacked quantity field is the maximum quantity that you can enter in the Split quantity field.

If you assign different split result numbers for each delivery item in a delivery, you effectively split up these delivery items and distribute each one to its own separate, new outbound delivery. You can use the Split ® Highlight function to highlight the corresponding rows in different colors.


You can also combine entries of partial quantities and result numbers. For example, if you enter both a split result number and a partial quantity in each row, the partial quantities of different delivery items will be split among different outbound deliveries. If you want to split one item into more than two partial quantities, you must simulate the split more than once.

  1. Simulate the split

Choose Split ® Simulate to get a preview of the effects of the delivery split. The system assigns temporary delivery numbers for the new outbound deliveries that are to be created.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the simulation, you can undo the simulation for separate items by marking those items and choosing Split ® Reset simulation.

  1. Choose Split ® Save split to carry out a split based on the simulation.

A message informing you of the number of outbound deliveries that were saved and changed appears. The new outbound deliveries (with new delivery numbers) and changed outbound deliveries are still displayed.


The procedure described above is also valid for splitting outbound deliveries by handling unit, although you should be aware that only the handling units that are not packed in other handling units are displayed.



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