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To display the allowed packaging materials, proceed as follows:

  1. Select a material item in the Materials to be packed/Packed materials section of the Processing Handling Units for Outbound Delivery screen.
  2. Select Choice of allowed pack. mat.

The allowed packaging materials appear in a dialog box. Select a packaging material from this dialog box in order to copy it into the screen.


In order for this feature to work properly, you must first maintain the Matl grp pack. matls field for the item that is to be packed. You can do this in the packaging material data in the material master record. You must also maintain the allowed packaging materials for each packaging material group in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Handling Unit Management (or Logistics Execution). See also Defining Allowed Packaging Materials.

If you want to display a packaging material’s material master data that is relevant for packing, select the corresponding handling unit and select Environment ® Packaging materials. On the view selection screen, choose Sales: General/Plant Data and enter the organizational levels. The data relevant for packing appears in the material master record for the packaging material in the Packaging material data section of the screen.



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