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You can use the detailed data to change individual information items in the handling-unit header and item data. To access the detailed data of a handling unit, select the handling unit concerned and choose the following menu paths:

If the handling unit is in the warehouse, the function bar will include a link to the storage unit.

In addition to detailed HU data, an overview of all handling units appears in a hierarchical display. You can place the cursor on a handling unit in this hierarchical display and the detailed view of that handling unit appears.

You can maintain the following details:

In this overview, weight, volume, and dimensions data appears (examples include tare weight, tare volume, allowed weight and allowed volume). Here you can change the tare weight and tare volume determined from the material master for the handling unit. Furthermore, you can adjust the loading weight and loading volume, and also maintain the respective tolerance values.


You would use this overview if the handling unit was weighed and measured before loading, for example. You can then maintain the data that differs from the planned data.

In the upper section of this overview, you see the general data about the packaging materials (packaging material type and packaging material category).

You can also change the plant and the storage location of the packaging material here.


This makes sense, for example, if a handling unit is to be assigned to a delivery later (or if the handling unit was created in the delivery) and the plant and storage location are known for the item generation in the delivery. In this case, a delivery item can be generated for the packaging material. It is then possible to execute inventory management and billing for the packaging material.

In the lower section of this overview, you see the general data about the handling unit.

The handling unit’s movement status appears here. You can use the StatusDetail function to display detailed information about the system status of the handling unit. If you use the Status profile function, you can change the user status, provided the packaging material type has a user status profile assigned to it.

In the HU storage number field, the system displays the warehouse in which the handling unit is located. This entry refers to the material contained in the handling unit, rather than the plant and the storage location of the packaging material. The system also shows whether the handling unit is in an HU-managed storage location and whether a corresponding storage unit exists. Handling units that are not at an HU-managed storage location and were put away using the Pre-packed HU function will have a storage status.

In addition, the system displays the current assignments of handling units to objects.

In the Contents field, you can maintain an arbitrary text for this handling unit.

You can maintain any auxiliary packaging materials used for each handling unit. These auxiliary packaging materials can be entered separately for each handling unit. For the most part, you can depict the actual packaging of a handling unit by using auxiliary packaging materials since auxiliary packaging materials include interim layers, lids, and protective plastic covering, which are part of the handling unit’s packaging.

In this overview, you can maintain additional data for arbitrary handling-unit groups in the Additional customer data section.

In the second section of this overview, you will find information about packing instructions that may have been used for packing.

In the lower section of the overview, the sales data appears (shipping point, sales organization, distribution channel, and item category). Here you can also maintain customers’ packaging materials, if they exist.

This overview displays data relevant for the means of transport in transportation processing, provided the packaging material is a transportation material. You can maintain data such as the driver, passenger, travel time, distance, specific load data, and the country for the means of transport in this overview.

This includes data concerning the printing and sending of outputs relevant to packing. It is possible, for example, to print a specific output for the handling-unit header (output 0001) that you can use to generate labels for the physical handling units.

In this overview, data about the contents of the selected handling unit appears.

There is also information here on the packed quantity and on the packing levels, which are represented by numbers. For example, the entry 2 in the Hierarchy field means that the item concerned has been packed in two levels (the item is packed in packaging, which in turn has been packed again).

To access the item data of an individual handling unit, select the handling unit concerned and choose Goto ® Detailed HU data ® Contents.




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