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You can use serial numbers to clearly distinguish individual objects from one another. Serial numbers allow you to follow up easily on individual goods-movements objects such as the sale of certain goods to a customer. For each packed item, you can select serial numbers in the packing dialog, provided the master data of the respective materials is maintained accordingly. A dialog box for serial-number maintenance appears, where you can make the required entries.

For more information about serial numbers, see Structure link Serial Numbers in Handling Units.


The serial number profile that allows serialization in handling units must be entered in the appropriate material master record.

For more information, see Structure link Entering a Serial Number Profile in the Material Master Record and Structure link Creating Master Records for Serial Numbers.


To select serial numbers that already exist in the system, proceed as follows:

  1. Pack the material item to which you want to assign a serial number into a handling unit.
  2. Go to the Ttl content tab page and select the material to which you want to assign a serial number and choose Extras ® Serial numbers.
  3. A dialog box appears.

  4. Choose Select serial numbers.
  5. The Serial Number Selection screen appears.

  6. Enter the desired selection criteria and choose Program ® Execute.
  7. The Serial Number List screen appears, where the selected serial numbers are listed.

  8. Select the serial numbers you want to copy, and then select Choose.


The serial numbers you have selected are copied into the dialog box and assigned to the handling unit items.

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