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If, for example, you are going to deliver handling units worldwide, unique number assignment for identification of the handling units is necessary, and it is also a good idea to assign SSCC18 numbers ( see also Structure link EAN128).


In the Customizing settings for the packaging material type, you must maintain the Handling unit type field.

  1. In Customizing, choose Logistics General ® Handling Unit Management ® External Identification ® Define Number Assignment for Each Packaging Material Type.
  2. Maintain the HU type for EAN128 field for the relevant packaging material type.


  1. In the packing dialog, select the Pack material tab.
  2. Select the handling unit for which you want to assign an SSCC18.
  3. Choose Extras ® SSCC number assignment.


A new SSCC18 number is generated and automatically assigned to the handling unit.




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